To access the Free Chat Room, go to:

Scroll down the page and check off the "I agree to the terms & conditions..." check box.

Then click on the "ENTER CHAT ROOM" blue button.

The next page should show a pull down that should say "I am an Attendee". Then click the orange "Enter Webinar" button.

You will be given an opportunity to enter the name you want to display in the chat room, "First Name" and "Last Name", then click the "NEXT" button.

There may be a delay before the screen share and chat windows appear on the web page.

That should do it! If you fail to get in, please respond to us with any messages you see. There should be no errors with this process when all systems are operating the way they should.

HINT: If you are having chronic problems accessing the chat room, try clearing your browser cache and deleting cookies, or try a different browser. We also have troubleshooting solutions HERE.