FST Operating Requirements:
  • Operating System - Windows 7 and above
  • RAM - 4+ Gb
  • Processor - 2+Core 2+GHz

    Short Getting Started Video

    Installation Guide for Fantasy Stock Traders

    Check your email for login credentials from support@fantasystocktraders.com

    Check SPAM box.  This email would have been sent within 1hr of joining.

    Download Link can be found on this page: http://fantasystocktraders.com/downloads/FantasyStockTradersSetup.exe

    Login Credentials

    Username: will look something like this war000

    Password: might look something like this: abc123

    Signing Agreements

    The first time you join you will be prompted to sign exchange agreements.  These are agreements with NYSE and NASDAQ.  You are declaring yourself as a non-professional trader (a trader who is not licenced to be a stock broker by the SEC).  You will be asked to enter your username, which is the same one you just used to login to the platform.  It will begin with WAR.  Once you complete these agreements, you can log back into the platform.

    Extended Getting Started Video