Situation #1: You were accessing charts, then suddently recieved error, Unable to Load Charts.

Cause: Possible data feed delay from Historical Data vendor.  Fantasy Stock Traders utilizes historical data feeds from third party providers.  From time to time if those servers are overloaded response time will be delayed.  The Fantasy Stock Traders platform will allow a fixed response time before giving the error message.  If this message occurs, the best bet is to wait a few minutes.  

Solution: This error is typically is self correcting, although logging out and logging back in may be required.

Situation #2: You just installed a new version of the Simulator and now you recieve error, Unable to Load Charts on all charges.

Cause: A disconnection to Historical Data Server

Solution: Restart Platform.

Situation #3: Your Data Server says Disconnected, and you can't load Charts or Level 2.

Cause: Either the Data Server is offline or you lost your internet connection.  If server is offline it will be restarted momentarily.  This is rare, and it is more likely that you lost connection on your end.  If the issue persists, please submit a support ticket.

Solution: Wait a few minutes, restart platform, check your own internet connection.  If not repaired with a few minutes, submit a support ticket.