Starting Balance

Equity: $25,000

Buying Power x4: $100,000 total buying power

Max Position Size: 5000 shares

Min Buying Power: $50,000 (even if your account has a negative equity balance, you will have a min of $50k in buying power so you can keep trading and keep practicing.

Requesting an Account Reset

We will reset accounts once every 30 days at your request.  In between the 30 day reset period, if there were mistakes, or errors, that's okay!  It's part of the learning experience.  

Even if your account falls into the negative you will still be able to trade because we make sure you always have $50k in buying power. 

I would suggest you keep tracking your trades in an excel doc so you can also track your metrics there.  ( ).

Keep practicing and let us know if you have other questions.