Short Video on Canceling Your Subscription

Canceling Your Subscription is Simple

Have you been trying to figure out how to cancel or check your subscription?  We make it easy for you to manage your subscriptions.  Follow the 4 steps below to cancel your subscription at any time.

Members have the ability to manage their subscriptions. When you are signed into your member dashboard at click on “Active Subscription Details” followed by “Manage” and from there you can choose to freeze your subscription (“Pause”), cancel it (“Cancel”), or reactivate a cancelled subscription ("Active").

Freezing your subscription will freeze your access, save the days remaining, and also will freeze the billing cycle for that subscription. If you freeze your account, you will have to contact us to reactivate it for you.

Cancelling the subscription will allow you access to your subscription contents until the expiration date, but will cancel the account afterwards and will stop any billing schedule. If your subscription is cancelled and you later decide you'd like to renew, you can switch the status back to Active. You can also switch it to Pause by reactivating first, and then pausing.

We do not offer refunds on any cancelled accounts, but you will continue to have access through the duration of your membership.

Step 1: Visit the Members Dashboard or this page here.

Step 2: Click "Cancel".

Step 3: View your active subscriptions.  Then Click "Manage".

Step 4: Change status to "Cancelled".  Then Save.