If you see this icon on your address bar, your browser may be blocking Flash Player. Right click on the icon, and select to allow Flash to run.

Not being able to see the screenshare in the chat room is usually caused by the browser or your computer system blocking the chat room platform or its components. If the above step doesn't help, try another browser, and then proceed to the steps below if needed.

The message that someone else is in the chat room on your account is usually just a result of cookies left on your system keeping your logged into the chat room. (You should still be able to log in if the check box is checked off to "log me in anyway" and you click the orange Enter Webinar button, but if this does not work or the chat room does not load correctly, try the steps below).

  1. Clear browser cache, click here.
  2. Clear Flash Player cookies: Click here > Wait until the page loads the Website Storage Settings panel > Click Delete all sites button.
  3. Click here > Wait until the page loads the Global Storage Settings panel > Deselect Store Common Flash Components To Reduce Download Times > Confirm any dialog boxes.
  4. Close the browser windows (All). Now relaunch the browser. Try logging in again at https://www.warriortrading.com/login-member/ and go through the login process.

However if you're still unable to login to the room, there might be something blocking your access. A network firewall or company network (which may need assistance from your IT Department if you are in a office network). Continue with these steps below:

5. To make sure it is not your browser firewall preventing the chat room from working properly, click here. **This is a common fix also.**

6. Make sure to use the latest version of Adobe Flash Player,click here.

7. Disable temporarily any Antivirus or Firewall that is running in your computer.