Signing Agreements

If you aren't automatically prompted to sign the agreements when trying to login to FST, you'll have to do it manually. These are agreements with NYSE and NASDAQ.  You are declaring yourself as a non-professional trader (a trader who is not licensed to be a stock broker by the SEC).  You will be asked to enter your username, which is the same one you just used to login to the platform.  It will begin with WAR.  Once you complete these agreements, you can log back into the platform.

This video walks you through getting the agreements signed:

Here are the steps to sign agreements:

1. Go to the agreements page at:

2. Login with your FST username (war#) and password (Login button is in top right hand corner of page).

3. Fill out the "My Account" section with your personal information. This is forwarded to the stock exchanges by our market data provider.

4. Complete the mandatory exchange agreements under the Agreements List section of the page. Once you have completed the four questionnaires and hit save, you're now done.

Note: The fees mentioned in the agreement are payed by Fantasy Stock Traders on your behalf. There are no additional fees that you will have to pay.  These are fees we pay for your market data.  

Please let us know if you have any questions!