Course subscriptions can be found HERE.

The first payment of the Warrior Starter course gives 1 month of access to the chat room, simulator, and 4 beginner classes. After that first month, members can cancel the subscription, renew the full bundle for $197/month, or upgrade to Warrior Pro.

For the list of classes included in Warrior Starter, see this page here.

Upgrading from Warrior Starter to Warrior Pro

Warrior Pro gives 3 months of access to the chat room, complete set of Warrior Trading classes, 3x weekly mentoring sessions, and scanner settings. Members also get another 30 days in our trading simulator. After these first 3 months have been paid for, Warrior Pro members can renew their access to everything in the bundle for $499/quarter or add on 9 months of access for $997 or 2 monthly payments of $497.

The Warrior Pro does contain the 4 beginner classes that make up the Warrior Starter program. This means that members who start in the Warrior Starter program and upgrade to Warrior Pro are basically adding on the extra time and benefits that the Warrior Pro gives.

For more information on Warrior Pro, click here.