If you are trying to log onto the FST platform and it tells you that "Session is Closed," this can be happening if you have an older version of the software installed. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the program.

1. Uninstall FST through Add / Remove Programs
2. Go to My Documents - DELETE THE Fantasy Stock Traders FOLDER
3. Reinstall FST with the download link on this page here: https://www.warriortrading.com/paper-trading-members-info/
4. Open the platform and log in.

If that does not resolve the issue, this error message is often a result of firewall interference. Particularly if you are trying to operate FST on an office/work network, firewall restrictions can block FST from operating properly.

If this doesn't help resolve the issue, please go to the FST support chat https://co26036.omnovia.com/support/ which runs during market hours. The FST developers will be able to assist you directly. Please make sure you have your FST login credentials handy!