Warrior Starter Program

Chapter 1. Becoming a Day Trader and Using the Trading Simulator

Part I: Becoming a Day Trader (133 minutes)

Part II: Using the Simulator & Tracking Your Trades in Excel (27 minutes)

Part III: FAQ (35 minutes)

Part IV: 30 Day Trading Plan (30 minutes)

Chapter 2. Risk Management

Part I: Risk Management (138 minutes)

Part II: FAQ (68 minutes)

Chapter 3. Proper Stock Selection and Building a Daily Watch List

Part I: Proper Stock Selection (76 minutes)

Part II: Building a Daily Watch List (54 minutes)

Part III: FAQ (60 minutes)

Chapter 4. Candlesticks, Setting up Charts, and Daily Charts

Part I: Candlesticks (32 minutes)

Part II: Setting up Charts (45 minutes)

Part III: Daily Charts (98 minutes)

Part IV: FAQ (76 minutes)


Warrior Pro Program

Warrior Starter Course (as above) + the 4 Advanced Trading Courses below:

Original Day Trading Course for Small Cap Stocks
Chapter 5. Intraday Chart Patterns
Chapter 6. Momentum Strategies
Chapter 7. Reversal Strategies
Chapter 8. Parabolic Movers
Chapter 9. Stock Scanning with Trade-Ideas
Chapter 10. Level 2, Tape Reading, and Hot Keys
Chapter 11. Trade Management and Your Psychological Game
Chapter 12. Creating Your Trading Plan and Building Your Business
Chapter 13. Important Trading Tools and Platform Demos
Chapter 14. 5 Cent Tick Pilot Program
Chapter 15. Live Trading Examples

More Live Trading Examples and Profitable Chat Room Recordings

Large Cap Day Trading Course

Prerequisites: VWAP Trading Class and Position Sizing Classes 1 - 3

Chapter 1: The Trader's Edge

Chapter 2: Establishing Support & Resistance

Chapter 3: Technical Trading Strategies

Chapyer 4: Confirmation Techniques

Chapter 5: Trade Management

Swing Trading Course

Chapter 1: The Power of Investing and Setting Financial Goals

Chapter 2: The Anatomy of a Great Swing Trade

Chapter 3: Take Your Positions!

Options Swing Trading Course
Chapter 1: Introduction to Swing Trading and Options 101 - The Greeks, Volatility, Options Chains, and Leverage
Chapter 2: Options Strategies - Learn the Strategies I Trade Every Day from the Ground Up
Chapter 3: Fundamental and Technical Analysis: What you NEED to Know - Indicators, Charting Software, Candlestick Patterns and SEC Filings
Chapter 4: Risk Management, Volatility and Choosing the RIGHT Stocks - Scaling In/Out, Determining Entry/Exit/Stops/Targets, Evaluating Trade Setups, and Risk/Reward Analysis
Chapter 5: Swing Trading Strategies and Patterns - Breakouts, Catalysts, Reversals, Continuation, and Gap Fills

Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Chapter 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Chapter 2: Risk Management

Chapter 3: Fundamental Analysis

Chapter 4: Technical Analysis

Chapter 5: Trade Execution

Trading in an IRA Class

How to trade in an IRA