Please view the video below on how to sign the market data agreements. These agreements are required to be signed in order to receive proper live market data. After watching the video, and if you still have questions about the agreements, feel free to email us at 

Make sure you follow this video to ensure that you get proper data for you simulator, if not you will have issues getting live market data.

Here are some common errors when signing agreements and how to fix them: 

1. If you get the error Not a valid sid you will need to do one of two things to fix. One, clear your cache/cookies from the browser you're using and trying signing the agreements again. Two, use a different browser to sign the agreements. 

2. If you get an error saying you're a professional trader, there is one area that is very common for new users to fill out incorrectly, which is multiple choice question number 1. It asks if you will use the simulator for personal, non-business use. This tricks some people and they check "no", which implies you will be using the simulator data for professional use, thus classifying you as a professional trader. 

3. If you are having Issues signing the Agreements and receive the error message Invalid Signature please do the following:

Sometimes there's a hidden character in the First and/or Last name field at the beginning of the form. What I recommend doing is clicking into the First name field, press Ctrl +A to highlight all characters, press backspace, and then proceed to type your name in again ensuring there are no extra characters. Repeat this process for your last name. 

Continue to work through the form, and when you get to the signature field, type in your First and Last name exactly as you did above, and click "I Agree". That should get the form to accept your signature.