View the video below to learn how you can view your trade statistics.


The simulator does have the ability to export your trades so you can then save them, or import them to Tradervue. The steps to do so are listed below.

- From your "Account Info" widget, input the dates of trades you want to export, then click "Export".

- An Excel file will automatically be downloaded.

To import to TraderVue:

- Open that File in excel and confirm that the trades you want to be exported are indeed in this file.

- To the left of column "A" and right above row "1", there is a button that will highlight the entire contents of the orders tab. Once clicked, you can either Ctrl + C to copy, right click and Copy, or click Edit--> Copy.

- Next, if you're not currently signed into your Tradervue account, sign in, then select "Import Trades".

- From the Broker or Trading Platform drop down, you can select "Warrior Trading Simulator"

- Scroll down to "Option 2" and paste all of the data you previously copied from the excel doc into the "Data" field under Option 2.

- Click "Upload"

This will get your trade history uploaded into Tradervue.