Members set their simulator password through a link in the email titled "Complete Registration," which gets sent from Unless you set this password to match another password used on our site, it may be different than your other password. Your username will be your email address.

If you're trying to log into the Warrior Trading Simulator and are receiving an error message that your username or password is incorrect, you should first consider if you have an active simulator subscription. Often a member thinks that they have access to the simulator when it hasn't been activated yet. You can check your subscriptions by checking the listings on your account (the "Orders & Subscriptions" link on your member dashboard).

If you have a "Paper Trading Simulator Subscription" or access to "Warrior Starter Course" (not to "Classes Only") or to "Warrior Pro," then you are eligible for simulator access.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR WARRIOR PRO MEMBERS: An email titled "Trading Simulator Special Access" will be sent to you. This email will have instructions for how to add the free simulator access that comes with Warrior Pro. Please follow those instructions to activate your access, and you will then receive the "Complete Registration" email from

Otherwise, if you don't have access to the simulator with your subscription type, you can choose from our subscription options here:

If you believe that you should have access to the simulator, and this support article did not resolve your problem, please send us a message here through our Support Portal, and use "I am having login issues" as the reason for your request.