Currently our simulator follows and implements PDT rules and they can't be turned off. So for example if you have less than a $25k base cash balance, you'll be subject to PDT rules and only be able to make 3 intraday trades per 5 day period, and will be locked out of trading until the next 5 day period. 

If you're adamant about have a small account, such as $5k or less, we can set you up with a cash only account, but you won't have any buying power. 

If you'd like to practice having a small account with buying power, we'd recommend using the default $50k base account balance we give you, but practice proper share size that you'd only take had you actually had a small offshore account. 

You can always email us at if you'd like to have a cash account set up or if you'd like your base cash adjusted to a custom amount above $25k.