The Warrior Trading Education Portal is where to go when you want to view the trading courses included in your membership. If you cannot see the courses in your education portal and believe you should have access to them, please try the steps below.

First, sign into the Warrior Trading Member's Dashboard at and click on the pink "View Courses" button in the Education Tab. This will take you to the Warrior Trading Education Portal

If you're directed back to the sign-in page when clicking View Courses, please try the steps for clearing cache and cookies on this page here.

Once you're in the education portal, locate your Warrior Pro learning path (if you're a Warrior Pro member) or Warrior Starter learning path (if you're a Warrior Starter member) or the Day Trading 101 Course if you have a trading room membership.

IMPORTANT: Check under all tabs on your education portal (like the "In Progress" and "Completed" tabs) until you specifically see the "learning path" for your program.

Click the button to continue or view the learning path.  Once you enter the learning path, you should be able to scroll down to click on the next set of classes.

For example:

If you do not see the button to View Details or Start the course, then there is a required piece of content earlier in the learning path that you must complete in order to move forward. Scroll up in the learning path and look for the Required content, and complete that section in order to move forward.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.