Adobe Flash Player is required for the chat room platform, Webinato. Flash Player is available for all major web browsers on PC and Mac, and can be downloaded from the following website:

Get Adobe Flash Player

Webinato requires Flash Player 10 and above, but it is always best to have the very latest version of Flash Player installed on your computer for security and stability reasons. (Please note, that some web browsers and operating systems have a native version of Flash Player, which can only be changed by updating the associated program.)

If you have Flash Player installed, it is possible that your browser is not allowing the plugin to run properly. You may get an error message such as the one below:

If this is the case, simply click to enable Flash player, and then click Allow.

Check here for other possible solutions:

We have provided these support docs with the help of Webinato, the provider of our chat room software.  Please see full articles here: