Below is the updated list of classes that we provide in each of our trading education programs, Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro.

Warrior Starter Program

Our Warrior Starter Program includes monthly access to our Warrior Starter classes below, as well as access to our live trading chat room and real-time trading simulator. The 15 chapters of our Warrior Starter Course teach everything that traders at all levels need to know before they can perfect their own trading strategy. You'll learn everything from the history of the stock market, to how to read a trading platform, the basics of making a trade, which trading tools are must-haves, why being in the right mindset matters, and how to determine which trading strategy moving forward might be the best fit for you.

Warrior Starter Course

Chapter 1: Intro to Financial Markets

Chapter 2: What's an Investment Vehicle?

Chapter 3: Account Types

Chapter 4: Fundamental Analysis

Chapter 5: Technical Analysis

Chapter 6: Account Information & Balances

Chapter 7: Order Entry

Chapter 8: Market Depth

Chapter 9: Time & Sales

Chapter 10: Order Window

Chapter 11: Positions Window

Chapter 12: Scanning 101

Chapter 13: Preparing to Trade

Chapter 14: The Psychology of Trading

Chapter 15: Learning Path & What's Next

Warrior Pro Program

Our Warrior Pro Program includes all of the chapters of our Warrior Starter Course, as well as the 7 advanced trading courses below which teach the exact trading strategies we use every day to trade and achieve financial freedom. Warrior Pro members get access to our full set of classes as well as our live trading chat room, 6-times-weekly group mentoring sessions, our full set of scanner settings, and our real-time trading simulator. We have options for annual access to the Warrior Pro, as well as 90 day subscriptions which renew monthly. If you have previously purchased our Warrior Starter Program, get in touch with us to ask about upgrading to Warrior Pro.

Small Cap Day Trading Course, by Ross

Chapter 1: Intro to Day Trading

Chapter 2: Risk Management

Chapter 3: Stock Selection & Building a Watch List

Chapter 4: Daily Chart Patterns

Chapter 5: Intraday Chart Patterns

Chapter 6: Gap & Go Trading Strategies

Chapter 7: Momentum Trading Strategies

Chapter 8: Reversal & Short-Selling Trading Strategies

Chapter 9: Stock Scanning with Trade Ideas

Chapter 10: Level 2, Tape Reading, & Hot Keys

Chapter 11: Breakout Trading (formerly titled "Scalp Trading")

Chapter 12: Trade Management & Your Psychological Game

Chapter 13: Creating Your Trading Plan & Running a Business as a Day Trader

Chapter 14: Overview of Important Tools

Chapter 15: Live Trading Archives

Large Cap Day Trading Course, by Mike
Chapter 1: Introduction to Large Cap Trading
Chapter 2: Risk Management
Chapter 3: Stock Selection
Chapter 4: The Trader's Edge
Chapter 5: Micro vs. Macro Markets
Chapter 6: Establishing Support & Resistance
Chapter 7: Daily Chart Patterns
Chapter 8: Intraday & Entry Patterns
Chapter 9: Technical Trading Strategies
Chapter 10: Confirmation Techniques
Chapter 11: Trade Management
Chapter 12: Required Trading Tools
Chapter 13: Trading Plan & Routine


Swing Trading Course

Chapter 1: The Power of Investing and Setting Financial Goals

Chapter 2: The Anatomy of a Great Swing Trade

Chapter 3: Take Your Positions!

Options Trading Course, by Arsh

Chapter 1: Small Capital. Large Returns. Options Trading 101

Chapter 2: Performing Technical Analysis

Chapter 3: Building a Watch List

Chapter 4: Options Premiums, Options Chain, and Options  Greeks

Chapter 5: Options Trading Strategy

Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Chapter 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Chapter 2: Risk Management

Chapter 3: Fundamental Analysis

Chapter 4: Technical Analysis

Chapter 5: Trade Execution

Day Trading in an IRA Class

How to Trade in an IRA

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