If you are seeing the "Pending..." message for an extended time when logging into the chat room, this is most likely related to firewall issues. First, try a hard refresh of the platform to rule out any caching issues (Shift + F5 on Windows). If the issue persists, the next best step to take is to sign in using another browser.

Please note that the best browsers to use for the chat room are Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not compatible. Safari was recently added as a compatible browser as of May 2019, though users may experience lag in the chat room feed.

If you are logging in on a work network or other internet network with strict firewall settings, this can also often explain this error, as firewall restrictions on your network can block the platform. If this is the case and you're able to create an exception for the chat room platform, please get in touch with us to inquire about the appropriate ports to allow in network settings.

If you are still getting this error and none of the above suggestions explain the issue, please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help. Be sure to mention the error message in your support request!