How to change your profile picture

Please sign into the chat room and refer to the profile link in the upper right-hand corner:

Click Profile

A window will pop up with your information, as shown and described below. You can click UploadĀ to upload a profile picture (square images work best).

How to change your chat room name

Please visit this page to update your profile settings, or click the "Contact Info" link when you're signed into your member dashboard

You'll then be directed to your Contact Information page, where you can click the "Update Address" button:

What you enter as your first and last name in the contact fields is what will show up as your display name.

Click "Save"! If the display name isn't updated the next time you sign into the chat room, try closing all browser windows, clearing cache and cookies, and logging in again.

Still have questions? PleaseĀ reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.