If you are enrolled in the older classes and would like to be converted to the new classes, let us know by submitting a support request with subject line "New Education Portal." You can expedite your transfer by stating that you understand that your progress in the old system will be lost (see all transfer details after the class list below).

The new learning system has our most updated classes. Learners who are transferring from the old system might be wondering what classes will be different once they transfer to the new system.

An outline of the changes to the syllabus:

  • The old Warrior Starter course has 4 learning modules. These modules are re-invented into the first 4 classes of Ross' new Small Cap Day Trading Course, and a whole new Warrior Starter has been created.
  • The Small Cap Day Trading Course by Ross will replace the "Original Day Trading Course for Small Cap Stocks" that is in the old system. These new classes are an updated version of the old classes, so members will not actually lose any content here, but instead will gain updated classes that are more in-depth and better organized.
  • The "Options Swing Trading Course" in the old system is years old and outdated. Arsh recently released a new Options Trading Course, which is present in the new system to replace the old Options course.
  • The Large Cap Day Trading Course by Mike, updated for 2019, is in the new system only.
  • A completely new Futures Trading Course is also available in the new system only.
  • The IRA Trading Class, the Swing Trading Course, and the Cryptocurrency Trading Course have not yet been updated yet this year, so users will find the same classes in the old and new systems.

You can view the full syllabus on this page here.

In addition to updated classes, the new education platform has enhanced user abilities. There is a potential drawback which members in the old system should be aware of, which is that any progress that you saved in our old system will not be transferred over to the new one. In other words: any classes that you marked as "Complete" will appear in the new system as if they have not yet been watched. This progress is not something that we track or monitor, but can be helpful for students to remember where they left off in the courses. If you want to save your own progress, we simply ask that you take note of where you are in each of the courses before you confirm your request to be transferred to the new system.

Below are some images of the new system to help you imagine the experience.

Instead of seeing your current "Education Portal Library" when you sign into the classes, you'll be signed directly into the new system's Education Portal when you click the View Courses button (no new password required!). This is what the Education Portal might look like:


When you start a class, you'll be able to view the course outline, the video, and any text included within that class. You'll still be able to enlarge the video windows as well:


Quizzes are now integrated within the learning system itself, so you will be able to complete your quizzes and review them afterwards in the same place that you watch the classes. The quizzes are not required, so if you already completed them, you will not have to go through them again.


When you first sign in, there is a brief onboarding presentation that will help you learn how to navigate through the new platform. Of course, our Support Team is always available for assistance as well.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.