The main features that have changed for our simulator platform (released in February 2019) is that it is now a desktop platform and will perform like platforms at most traditional brokers. This means that the transition to a live broker will be even more seamless for Warrior Trading students. Since the platform is only suitable for Windows operating systems, we ask that Mac users please pay careful attention to instructions on running the platform on Mac OS.

The hotkeys and order execution are now lightning fast and the hotkey editor and creator is now more dynamic and gives a lot more flexibility.

We are also bringing over our Metrics system to this new simulator so you will still be able to track your trades and visually see where improvements can be made to your strategy.

The Layouts for the simulator are also very flexible and can be saved to different styles and layouts so that you can switch between different setup and you can easily customize your trade station with multiple monitors.

There are no longer any restrictions for having an account under 25k as well as no buying power restrictions unless your account value falls below zero.

Everyday your balance will be reset to 50k cash and 200k buying power but your metrics will save from day to day so you can review your trade history. This is updated around 5-6pm EST everyday with new metrics for you to review.

I'm still using the web-based platform. When will I be transferred?

All Warrior Trading members who are using the web-based trading platform will be transferred to the new desktop-based simulator by the end of February. You'll receive email notices from within the week before you are transferred, so keep an eye on your inbox! You can also add the domain to your spam whitelist to make sure our emails do not end up in your Spam/Junk folder.

Please keep in mind that you’ll start 100% fresh with your new simulator account, and your current metrics will not roll over to the new simulator. If you’d like to keep your trades from our current simulator for future reference, you should click here to learn how to export your current trade history. 

To get a sneak peak of the new simulator, its features, and how to use it, we highly recommend reviewing the FAQ videos here. They will greatly aid in the transition to the new platform and shorten the learning curve for you.

Still have questions? Submit a support request, and our Support Team would be happy to help!