What happened to the old web-based platform at trading.warriortrading.com?

As some of you know, we released a new simulator in March of 2018 in efforts to provide our community with a more promising and versatile simulated trading experience. While it was a significant update to our former platform, we’ve found that it isn’t meeting the high standards that we hold ourselves to and that we know our community deserves.

After numerous updates, bug fixes, and improvements, we’ve decided to take a different approach to provide our students with an educational tool that will help you learn and analyze your growth, and also help you transition more smoothly to a live account. We’ve been hearing your requests and feedback, and have found a brand new team of developers to help us create a new platform with all the performance goodies that any beginning or experienced trader could ask for!

We have have decided to switch from a web-based platform to a desktop-based platform as our user base has grown to a size that was no longer able to support it. Additionally, a desktop-based platform ensures greater stability for each individual user, since they are less dependent on browser stability and responsiveness.

Please keep in mind that you’ll start 100% fresh with your new account, and your metrics in any previous Warrior Trading simulator will not roll over to the new platform. If you’d like to keep your trades from our current simulator for future reference before you are transferred, you should click here to learn how to export your current trade history.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.