For an in-depth understanding on the TAS indicators please see the FAQ on their sites:

How do I set up TAS Market Profile on my charts?

After you sign up and subscribe for TAS, you will get an email with the next step to select your preferred platform and install the software. A direct link to that platform selection page can be found at

Check out this free 90-minute course for an introduction to the TAS Market Profile

What platforms work with TAS Indicators?

The complete list of compatible platforms can be found at 

I am having technical issues with my TAS Indicators or products

For any subscription or technical support matters pertaining to TAS Market Profile, create a support ticket with the TAS Helpdesk by emailing Be sure to mention you are from Warrior Trading!

What's the best way to learn more about futures trading and how to use TAS for trading futures?
Learn more about trading futures by following our futures trader Steve in our live trading chat room, and taking his course in our Warrior Pro program!

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