Exporting Trade History

You can export your trade history by first opening a Trading Monitor, and then clicking Actions > Export.

Trading Monitor

To open a Trading Monitor, go to the Main Menu, click Windows select Trading Monitor.


Your order details will show up automatically in the window in real-time.  You can filter the orders by using the tabs at the bottom of the window:


  • All Orders – Shows all orders on the day, whether open, filled, canceled, etc.

  • Open Orders – Shows only your current open orders.

  • Executions – Shows only your fills for the day.

  • Previous date executions – You can call up executions from the previous day under the fourth tab.


You can further filter the data you are viewing by Right clicking on a column heading and selecting Filter – Add/Edit Filter.  In the below example, we have selected to filter the window for Partial Fills only.  Once checked, click the Filter button on the top right to enable the filter.





Now you can see the Status column shows the filter and only Partial Fills are shown.


Please note, left clicking a column will auto-sort the data by that column.


EXPORTING DATA – To export your daily trading data, click the Actions menu and select Export.  Under Export you can select ALL or SELECTED.  Selected will only export the rows you have highlighted.

We recommend Exporting from the Executions tab only as it will give you the cleanest data that you need.

This support article is provided with help from our friends at SterlingTraderStill have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help. 

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