The Warrior Trading live trading room has the ability to let you "follow" or "favorite" other members so that you can filter your chat feed to easily view their trade ideas and chat comments. This can be helpful for members who want to narrow down the number of comments they see in the chat. It can also be helpful if you are having a conversation with a group of people in the Warrior Lounge and only want to see their comments.

Please remember that we are using "follow" in the sense of filtering users and chat comments and strongly advise against mirror trading or following another trader's trades.

If you're interested in doing the opposite and "muting" or "ignoring" another chat room member so that you do not see their comments, click here for details.

How to Favorite or Un-follow from the Chat Feed

  1. Click on a comment the user made in the chat feed. A box will pop up at the top of the chat feed with their name and chat comment.
  2. Click the star icon to favorite or un-favorite the user.

A pink star next to a user's name means you are have already "followed" or favorited the user. Clicking the star when it is pink will take the user off your list of followed users.

How to Favorite or Un-Follow from the User List or View Your Favorites

  1. Click the User List icon.
  2. To find a user, search for the user's name in the search bar. If you are already following them, you can also view your Followed Users by clicking the star icon that appears to the right of the search bar within the User List.
  3. When you see their name appear on the user list, hover over their name and click the star icon to favorite or un-favorite the user.

How to Filter Chat Feed by Specific User or "Followed" List

  1. Click where it says "Show all" towards the top of the chat room widget. This will give a drop-down menu.
  2. You can then choose between a few different options for how to filter your chat feed:
    • Show all will show all comments (except anyone whose comments you may be ignoring)
    • Show moderators¬†will show only moderator and News Desk comments
    • Show Followed Users will filter your chat feed for comments only by moderators and followed users
    • If you have followed specific users, you should be able to see their individual names on the list as well

Please note that you will not be able to filter your chat feed to ignore moderator comments. Moderator comments will always display in your chat feed. However, if you are hearing an audio alert for a moderator's comments and wish to turn that off, you can do so. Click here for more information.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.