As of April 2018, Google Chrome browser changed to avoid automatic playing of videos/sound upon loading browser pages. In the Warrior Trading live trading & chat rooms, viewing our screenshare and hearing our moderators is essential to the full experience.

When using Google Chrome, members will be asked upon signing into the trading room platform if they wish to allow Chrome to play the screen share. There is an "Allow Once" button that will allow traders to allow the screen share to play for that session.

If you wish to enable this autoplay setting within Chrome for the chat room platform, you can add the chat room URL to a whitelist in your Chrome settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the following address into your address bar on Chrome browser: chrome://settings/content/sound
  2. Under the "Allow" section, click the "Add" button.
  3. Enter the following web address:
  4. Click "Add" again.

The next time you sign into the chat room platform on Chrome, the browser should be signaled to now interfere with auto-play.

You can view more details about browser compatibility for the chat room platform here.

Still have questions? PleaseĀ reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.