Stuck on Loop "Connecting to CSD" | WT Sim

This article is designed to troubleshoot the issue of being stuck on a "Connecting" loop for several minutes when signing into the WT Sim:

What to Check Before Contacting WT Support

  1. Make sure that it is normal simulator operation hours. The WT Sim has a daily maintenance period from 12AM EST until 4AM EST and the platform is typically not operational during that time and will not connect.

  2. Next, check your internet settings. If your internet is not stable, you may not be able to connect to the platform. You can see system and internet requirements for the simulator here.

  3. Give it some time. Please allow a minute or two for the system to connect, as connection may not be instantaneous.

  4. Restart your internet router. This often helps members to connect to the platform on the next login.

  5. If you continue to get stuck in the loop of the system trying and failing to connect after trying the previous steps, please contact a Warrior Trading support member, either through the Support Room (available during market hours) or via email ( ) or support ticket.

How to Try Different Login Connections, When Enabled by Admin

If a WT admin enables server selection for you, this will allow you to try to connect to the platform using different connection settings.

  1. You'll first want to completely close out of the WT Sim platform if you have recently opened it. Please check your task manager to make sure that any programs called "Base Gray" are no longer running, as this is the WT Sim platform.

  2. Then, reopen the WT Sim platform and begin to sign in. You should receive a pop-up with options to connect to alternate servers:
  3. Select each option listed under "CS" one by one and click OK to see if you can connect. If not, go back and try the next option until you find one that connects you.

  4. When you are able to get signed into the platform, please send us your log files afterwards so that we can more fully investigate your connection issue with our developers. This guide will walk you through how to submit these log files.

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