Once your 30 day Warrior Starter course comes to an end, you will be auto-enrolled in a $197/month subscription to continue your access. You can cancel this $197 renewal at any time through the “Orders & Subscriptions” link on your dashboard.


For the length of your active subscription, your Warrior Starter subscription includes access to:

-live trading chat room

-beginner trading courses (see list of classes here)

-paper trading simulator (the Warrior Trading Simulator)

The main page that you're going to want to pay attention to as a member is your Warrior Trading dashboard at https://www.warriortrading.com/dashboard/ . Logging into that page is needed to access all of your member contents.


To log into the chat room after signing into the dashboard, click the blue chatroom button that corresponds with your strategy (Small Cap Day Trading with Ross or Large Cap Day Trading with Mike), then the blue link CLICK HERE TO ENTER CHAT ROOM, then the orange "Enter Webinar" button. If you have issues viewing the chat room, let us know.


To start your trading courses, click the "View Courses" button on the member dashboard. This will open up our education portal. If you are asked to log in again, you will need to enter a DIFFERENT username and password to access your course contents. If you are prompted to log in again, you have to enter a different password that should have been emailed to you in an email titled "Your New Warrior Trading Education Account." If you cannot enter your education portal, let us know at team@warriortrading.com.

There are homework and quizzes to go along with the lessons. Much of the course curriculum is in the member's hands--the homework and quizzes are not required to open up more lessons, and you do not have to keep up with the pace that the courses open. Feel free to go at your own pace throughout the length of your subscription, but be mindful of your subscription renewal date.


To receive trade alerts: If you want to opt in to receive swing trade emails and/or SMS-text alerts, just scroll down in your member dashboard to the "Swing Trade Alerts Only - Text/Email Sign Up" section. The daily watch lists will be posted within the live chat room.


The trade reporting Excel spreadsheet can be found on your dashboard, or by going to this page when you are logged into your account.

The paper trading simulator is web-based, so no software download is required. Once you sign up, you should also receive an email from simulator@warriortrading.com (check your spam folder!) titled "Complete Registration" that will have your link to complete your registration for the simulator. You should check out the tutorial videos on this page here as well.