When you are trading live, some of the additional costs include:

  • Charting platform like Esignal: $175/mo for Signature Plan will work, or TC2000 and the $99/mo plan is also sufficient). Tip to save money:  If you have good charts with your broker, you can skip eSignal or TC2000.

  • Broker like Lightspeed or TradeZero, or any broker of your choosing.

Lightspeed: For all Warrior Trading members, the group rate will be 2.50 per trade plus ECN fees with a min balance of $25k.  For War Pro students who are participating in the rebate program, the rate will be 2.00 per trade plus ECN fees, until you've paid off the cost of your course.  Then rates will go to the standard 2.50 per trade, still with a min balance or $25k.  Students in our Warrior Pro classes will have up to 12 months after course purchase to utilize the special pricing promo. Broker rebate with Lightspeed: https://www.warriortrading.com/lightspeed-broker-rebate-program/ Group trading rate with Lightspeed: https://www.warriortrading.com/lightspeed-financial-group-rate/

Tradezero: Only for non-US residents.  There is a flat rate of $.005 per share with orders less than 200 shares being a flat fee of .$99. So for 1,000 shares, you will pay $5.00 and for 100 shares, you will pay $.99. We also offer a rebate program for Tradezero, you can see more here - https://www.warriortrading.com/tradezero-broker-rebate-program/

  • Scanner software like Trade-Ideas: $99/mo for Standard Plan (use DAYTRADEWARRIOR15 coupon code for 15% off your first payment). Tip to save money: If you have a chat room subscription, you get access to the same scanner settings we give away in the courses just by the live-real-time screen share in the chat room. This means you wouldn’t need to run the scanners with your own account if you utilize the chat room scanners.

  • Optional market news platform like Benzinga Streaming News: $99/mo (using coupon code DTWARRIOR for 15% off your first payment). Tip to save money: The chat room has live breaking news being posted, plus the community of 1000’s someone always has some breaking news readily available.