Once your 90 day Warrior Pro subscription is over, you will be enrolled in a $197/month recurring subscription to continue your access. You can view and cancel this renewal at any time through the “Orders & Subscriptions” section on your dashboard. If you have purchased a 12 month single-payment offer, you will be paid up for the year of access, and can renew afterwards if you'd like to continue.


For the length of your active subscription, your Warrior Pro subscription includes access to:

-live trading chat room

-trading lessons (for the full list of lessons, click here)

-weekly Warrior Pro group mentoring sessions, 6 days per week

-paper trading simulator access

-scanner settings


The main page that you're going to want to pay attention to as a member is your Warrior Trading Member's Dashboard, which you can reach by signing in at https://www.warriortrading.com/login-member/ . We recommend bookmarking that login link!

To sign into the live trading chat room after signing into the dashboard, click the blue chatroom button that best corresponds with your strategy (we have multiple chat rooms available) then review the chat room rules and click the orange button to enter the chat room you've chosen. If you have issues viewing the chat room, let us know by submitting a support ticket. You can learn more about our chat room platform here: https://support.warriortrading.com/a/solutions/articles/19000082633

To start your trading courses, click the "View Courses" button on the member dashboard. This will open up our education portal. Click on the button to "Start Learning Path" or "View Learning Path" for your Warrior Starter Course. The Onboarding Presentation is a helpful way to get started.

There are homework and quizzes to go along with the lessons. Much of the course curriculum is in the member's hands--the homework and quizzes are not required to open up more lessons, and you do not have to keep up with the pace that the courses open. Feel free to go at your own pace throughout the length of your subscription, but be mindful of your subscription renewal date.

The mentor sessions are run several days per week. You can see the current schedule on your Member's Dashboard https://www.warriortrading.com/dashboard/. To view live mentor sessions, click the purple "Join" button on your member dashboard. You should then click the button for the live session, followed by the orange "Enter Webinar" button. To watch recordings, choose the "Mentor Sessions" section in your Education Portal (pink 'View Courses' button) and then choose the Mentor Sessions learning path.

Real-Time Paper Trading Simulator Access: Members are eligible for free access to our paper trading simulator.  The paper trading simulator is Windows-based, so you will have to download the software. You can learn all about the features in the platform and how to use them by viewing our support articles here: https://support.warriortrading.com/support/solutions/19000102013

When you signed up, you should have received an email from simulator@warriortrading.com (check your spam folder!) titled "Your New Warrior Trading Simulator Account" that will have your instructions. It'll first be lead to sign the agreements for the trading simulator. Once you've done that, you'll receive a link to download the platform. Please make sure you sign into the simulator using the login credentials sent in your email.

If you need help understanding how to sign the market data agreements and download the platform, check out these support videos here: https://support.warriortrading.com/support/solutions/folders/19000162589

Please note that the system does undergo regular maintenance daily between the hours of 11:55pm and 12:15am EST, so the platform will also be inaccessible at this time. 

The scanner settings run on the Trade Ideas platform, so you will need a subscription to install them. Warrior Pro members will be able to locate the scanner settings file in the "Resources" section of the course outline, once they have access to the Small Cap Day Trading Course by Ross. You are welcome to view our scanners via chat room screenshare until you're ready to sign up for your own Trade Ideas subscription. Coupon code DAYTRADEWARRIOR15 will give you 15% off a Trade Ideas payment. For in-depth instructions, check out this page here.

The trade reporting Excel spreadsheet can be found in the 'Excel Trade Sheets (Annual Members)' section on the bottom of your dashboard, or by going to this page when you are logged into your account.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.