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This article is intended for Warrior Pro members, to help understand:

About the Warrior Pro Membership

When members sign up for Warrior Pro, they choose between options for annual access or starting with 90 days of access.

Members are always eligible for discounted renewal rates and do not have to purchase Warrior Pro in full from our website after they've already purchased the program once. Similarly, members who purchased the Warrior Starter classes separately are able to upgrade to Warrior Pro at a discount since they've already purchased the first set of classes. Reach out to our support team any time with renewal or upgrade questions!

What the Warrior Pro Membership Includes


For the length of an active membership, Warrior Pro includes access to:

  • Warrior Trading's live trading & chat rooms:
    • Small Cap Room (for live trade ideas)
    • Large Cap Room (for live trade ideas)
    • Warrior Lounge (for member conversation and off-topic matters)
    • Warrior Pro Mentor Room (more information below)
    • Support Room (for technical assistance and general membership questions for the Warrior Trading Team)
  • Warrior Trading scanners: full set (learn more here)
  • Complete suite of trading courses (see list of classes here)
  • Pre-formatted trade-reporting Excel spreadsheet
  • Demos & layouts for various live trading tools

Members also receive a free 90 days of access to our paper trading simulator, the Warrior Trading Simulator or WT Sim. There is the option to renew the simulator afterwards alongside an active Pro membership. The simulator renewal link can be found on the Member's Dashboard, under the green "Trading Simulator" section.

How to Access the Warrior Pro Membership

Suggested Path for Success

Each member is different in terms of how often and times of day they are available to participate in the program. Please keep in mind that this is a general suggestion for how to move along in the program. If you have questions, you're welcome to reach out to our Support Team for help!

For beginners in particular, it tends to be most helpful to start by watching the Getting Started tutorial in the education portal (see next section for how to access it) and at least a few of the Warrior Starter classes in the education portal first. It can also be helpful to refer to our pages for day trading terminology along the way.

With some baseline knowledge, it can then be helpful to start tuning into the chat rooms to witness live trading and trade ideas, and to chat with fellow members in the Warrior Lounge. The Warrior Pro Mentor sessions are a great place to ask trading questions in a live environment to our team of educators and moderators. While continuing with the classes in the education portal, members are then encouraged to get started with their simulator access when they are ready. More details on each of these components of the membership are provided below.

The main page to pay attention to as a member is your Warrior Trading Member's Dashboard, which you can reach by signing in at https://www.warriortrading.com/login-member/ . We recommend bookmarking that login link!

Trading Education Classes (Education Portal)

  • Click here to learn how to access your classes in the education portal
  • Note: There are quizzes to go along with most of the lessons. Much of the course curriculum is in the member's hands. Feel free to go at your own pace throughout the length of your subscription, while being mindful of your subscription renewal date.
  • The Education Portal is where Warrior Pro members can also find the Live Trading Archives and Trading Tool Demos & Layouts.

Warrior Pro Mentoring Sessions

Live Trading & Chat Rooms

Warrior Trading Scanners

Real-Time Trading Simulator

Warrior Pro members are eligible for free 90 days of access to our paper trading simulator, the Warrior Trading Simulator. The "WT Sim" is Windows-based, not browser based, so members will need to download the software. You can learn all about the features in the platform and how to use them by viewing our support articles here.

When your simulator access is activated on your account, you will receive an email from simulator@warriortrading.com (check your spam folder!) titled "Your New Warrior Trading Simulator Account" that will have your instructions. Can't find the email? Contact our team!

Please note that the system does undergo regular maintenance daily between the hours of 11:55pm and 3:45AM EST, so the platform may be inaccessible at this time.

Keep in mind that, while the help articles will explain how to use the WT Sim, it is the trading classes that teach a trading platform and strategies for trading effectively. We recommend that beginners watch at least the first 3-6 classes of the Warrior Starter classes in their education portal before exploring the WT Sim more in depth, so be sure to continue your classes in the education portal as well.

Excel Trade-Reporting Spreadsheet

The WT Sim does have built-in metrics, though students may also find it helpful to track their trades both while they are using a simulator and when they are trading live. The trade reporting Excel spreadsheet, and a tutorial for using it, can be found in the 'Excel Trade Sheets' section towards the bottom of your Member's Dashboard, or by going to this page when you are logged into your account.

Demos & Layouts for Trading Tools

In their Warrior Pro learning path in the education portal, students will find a section called "Trading Tools Demos & Layouts" which is where they can find video demonstrations and some layouts of various trading tools (execution platforms, scanners, charting, etc.).

One of the most common requests is for Ross Cameron's scanner settings. With our scanner software in the Warrior Trading chat room, members do not need to subscribe to any additional software for scanning. Those who are interested in Ross' Trade Ideas scanner settings will need a Trade Ideas subscription to install them. PLEASE NOTE that Ross' Trade Ideas settings have not been updated since he last used the platform, as he has been using the Warrior Scanners. For in-depth instructions on how to access these settings, check out this page here under the section for Warrior Pro members.

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