Since day trading is such a quick process and the price of a stock can change within seconds, the alerts for day trades are not emailed or texted to members for a few reasons. First, this would cause such a significant delay that it would not be an effective way to trade. Next, we are not financial advisors and do not provide alerts as suggestions for which stocks you should trade.

In our live trading rooms, our moderators and community will chat about stocks they are watching or trading so that members can share trade ideas; however, we do not call out our specific entries and exits on day trades, as we do not want to encourage mirror trading. Our trading rooms are designed to be about community and the exchange of knowledge rather than a group of traders copying each other. The purpose of our educational programs (such as our Warrior Pro Program) is to teach traders how to do what we do so that you don't need to follow another trader's alerts.

You can learn more about the dangers of mirror trading here:

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