Below is a summary of the products and services that we offer here at Warrior Trading. We encourage you to visit our website too, and if you have any questions that our support articles and website don't answer, please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team by submitting a support request!

Trading Courses & Educational Systems

Our trading education program options can be found on this page here: For the syllabus that lists the lessons included in our courses, please see this page here.

Our Warrior Starter Course is a monthly course designed for beginner traders. The first payment of the Warrior Starter course gives 1 month of access to our live trading chat rooms and Warrior Starter classes. After that first month, members are enrolled to renew for $197/month. Warrior Starter members get a free 30 days of access to our real-time trading simulator as well, which they can renew afterwards for $79/month if they'd like to.

Members can cancel their subscriptions anytime, or upgrade to Warrior Pro. Warrior Pro does contain the beginner classes that make up the Warrior Starter program, so members who start in the Warrior Starter program and upgrade to Warrior Pro are adding on the extra time and benefits that the Warrior Pro gives, and Starter members get a discount on Warrior Pro since they have already purchased the Starter classes.

Our Warrior Pro Course has is a one-year program or 90-day course with the option to upgrade to 1 year or renew monthly. Warrior Pro includes access to the live trading chat rooms, Warrior Pro classes, and 6-times weekly group mentoring sessions. Warrior Pro is our most comprehensive and most popular trading educational system!

Members who are enrolled in the 90-day Warrior Pro Program are enrolled to renew automatically for $197/month after the 90 days, though there is also the option to add another 9 months for $997. Of course, the monthly renewal can also be cancelled anytime.

Warrior Pro members also get a free 90 days of access to our real-time trading simulator, which can be renewed for $79/month or $197/quarter afterwards. 

For more information on our trading course programs, and to hear about our best offers, we recommend registering for our online training workshop! If you're unable to attend at the time the next one is held, we'll send you a replay as long as you register. Everyone who stays to the end will also receive a link to download Ross' best-selling ebook How to Day Trade. Sign up for the workshop here!

While we don't have a free trial of our courses, you can find an early version of our day trading classes available for free on YouTube here. If you like those classes, you'll find much more in our Warrior Pro!

Live Trading & Chat Room

Chat room access is currently included in our trading course programs.

Live Paper Trading Simulator

Trading simulator access is included in our trading course programs. See more on Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro above.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.