Live Trading & Chat Rooms: Schedule + Audio Hours

Warrior Trading and our live trading rooms are open every market day (Mondays through Fridays with the exception of US market holidays) at the hours described below. If you have not yet joined the community, you can learn more about the trading strategies we trade every day by enrolling in our courses and joining mentoring sessions offered to members of Warrior Pro!

All chat room attendees are expected to abide by the chat room rules:

Scroll down or click from the outline below to see a brief description of each of our chat rooms available and the schedule for each:

Live Trading Rooms

Our live trading rooms are for active trading discussion (chatter about stocks moving, trades you are taking, questions on others’ active trades, and current market condition discussions). The available live trading rooms are:

  • Small Cap room
  • Large Cap / Options / Swing room.

They open by 7 AM ET each morning. Ross Cameron hosts the Small Cap room and broadcasts a live stream there. The Large Cap / Options/ Swing Room does not currently host any regular live streams.

Live streaming audio/video/screen share normally starts by 9:00 or 9:15 am ET, or as early as 8 am depending on pre-market activity. Ross will discuss his watch list with the community and trade with a screenshare available and audio on when appropriate. 

Live Stream & Audio: Like many day traders, our educators typically trade just a couple of hours each morning and are done by noon, occasionally holding a mid-day recap before signing off. They have audio on usually from when they sign on until about 10:30 am ET or until they are done trading for the day.

Audio will never be available without the broadcast button being lit to indicate an available stream. For a review of the broadcast icon and all other icons, we suggest reviewing this page here too.

When audio is on in the Small Cap Room, you will see a webcam of Ross and will be able to see whether or not he is speaking. When audio is not available, you'll see an indicator that reads "NO AUDIO is being broadcast."

The trading rooms remain open until 5 PM ET, except on Fridays when they close at 4 PM ET. This allows our members and moderators to continue chatting and exchanging market ideas until an hour after the market closes on most days.

Warrior Pro Mentor Room

This room is available only to Warrior Pro members who have a subscription with mentoring. When mentor sessions are scheduled, they will be hosted in this room. You can see more about accessing mentor sessions here.

Support Room

The Support Room is available on market days from about 7:00 am ET until 4 pm ET. The Support Room allows members to connect with our Support Team in real-time to troubleshoot technical issues and get answers for general membership questions. We recommend stopping here first with questions, so we can either answer them for you or point you in the right direction.

Remember that our Support Team cannot help with your brokerage account or third-party trading tools. We can only assist with our own platforms. We ask that any specific questions about billing on your account are addressed to our billing team at, or you can initiate a request via

News Room

The News Rooms opens and starts posts start at 7:00 am ET and stops posts around 4:30 pm ET (dependent on market activity).  To learn more about the News Room, you can visit our guide on it here.

Warrior Lounge

This room is open whenever the trading rooms are open (7 am ET - 5 pm, except Fridays when it closes at 4 pm ET). It gives members a place to chat amongst themselves about brokers, trading software, strategies, etc. (or sometimes more off-toipc matters like food, travel, and lifestyle!).

This can be a great place to connect with other members or ask questions about their trading experiences. Please remember that no personal information should be exchanged in any of our chat rooms for the safety of the community. It can be helpful at times to filter chat comments so that you can talk more easily with another user. Click here to learn more about ways to filter a chat feed. Click here to review our Chat Room Rules.

Scanners & Charts

Members with scanner and charting access can access the platform 24/7. However, data does not update all day long. Market data for certain scanners is collected as early as 4 am ET when the US pre-market opens, and as late as 8 pm ET when the after-market hours close.

To learn in more detail the hours and when different scanners are in use, please see our support article on it here.

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