Please view the steps below to upload a watch list to the simulator: 

1. When you're logged into the simulator, on the main window, click Windows>Quotes>Stock Watch

2. A new Stock Watch window will open. 

3. You'll need to have a pre-built list of Stock Symbols all in a column on a plain text doc (.txt), that will be the first step before being able to upload a list. 

4. Save the file to a destination that's easily accessible, such as your desktop or documents folder. Once you have your list ready for upload, on your Stock Watch window, click Actions>Load List

6. Your file directory will open. If you saved the .txt file to your desktop, you may not see the doc populate as being able to upload. This is because the file directory by default, is searching for .stk files only. At the bottom of the file directory, you'll see a section that says "Files of Types". Click the drop down arrow and select "All Files". 

7. You should now see your .txt file able to be selected for upload. Select the file and click "Open". 

Keep in mind, each Stock Window can only support 250 stocks from your watch list file. If you have more than 250 stocks, only the first 250 will be uploaded. If you have more than 250 stocks being watched, you'll have to have multiple Stock Watch windows.