Understanding the Level 2 Window

Please view the video below for an in-depth explanation of the Level 2 window in the WT Simulator platform.

Additional Information

You might notice a few different symbols on the bottom of the level two window. Depending on the stock ticker you are looking at, these indicate the exchange that the stock is listed on. The key is as follows:


Others you may see listed on the bottom of level two include:

ETB= Easy to Borrow (shares to short)

  • If ETB is not displayed this means it is hard to borrow and would not be shortable per the broker's list. In the case of the WT Sim, the ETB list is similar to that of CMEG by default. If you'd like to update your short list to that of Lightspeed or have us confirm you are on the CMEG list, email simulator@warriortrading.com or submit a support ticket.

HALT= This means the stock is currently halted and cannot be traded until the resumption time per the listed exchange.

FLAT= means you have no position on this symbol

The video in this article is provided with help from our friends at SterlingTrader.

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