How to Upload a Watch List in WT Sim

To upload a watch list to the simulator when signed into the WT Sim platform: 

  1. Build a list of stock symbols in one column on a plain text (.txt) file. Note: WordPad, MS Word, and Google Docs are all popular applications that allow saving files as .txt files.
  2. When your list is finished, save the file (as a .txt file) to a destination that's easily accessible, such as your Desktop or Documents folder. 
  3. On the main window in the WT Sim, click Windows>Quotes>Stock Watch. A new Stock Watch window will open. 
  4. On this new Stock Watch window, click Actions>Load List.
  5. Your file directory will open. Locate the .txt file you saved, select it, and click Open.
    Note: If you saved the .txt file to your desktop, you may not see the file populate because the file directory by default searches for .stk files only. Changing the Files of type select to All Files should help remove that filter so that you can see all files saved on your desktop.

You should not see your watch list on the Stock Watch window.

Each Stock Window can support 250 stocks. If you attempt to upload more than 250 stocks on a .txt file, only the first 250 will be uploaded. If you watch to watch more stocks, use multiple Stock Watch windows.

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