Note: The below information is contingent upon using your computer solely for the live trading rooms. If you are using many more applications or streaming content and running multiple programs, these minimum requirements might not be sufficient. 

If your setup does not meet these minimum requirements, we recommend try updating or upgrading your software first. If that does not help any of your issues with the trading rooms, then we would recommend upgrading your hardware.

Browsers (Software):

Chrome 74.0.3729 or newer

Firefox 66.0.5 or newer

Edge 44.17763 or newer

Safari is currently not fully supported( We recommend using a browser listed above)

Internet Explorer 11 and older is not supported

Operating System (Software):

Windows 10 OS or Mac OSX Sierra (10.12) or newer

-IOS Mobile devices currently not fully supported ( long delays are likely to happen in the stream)

Computer (Hardware): While the chat room platform can be accessed via mobile and tablets browser, logging in via computer will allow you the best experience.

Intel or AMD processor 2.5 GHz or faster processor

16 GB of RAM 

Network: We recommend that you have high-speed broadband internet connection. You can check your speeds with a website like this one:  If you are using wi-fi and experiencing low speeds, hardwiring may improve your connection.

30 Mbps dedicated download speed

10 Mbps dedicated upload speed

Ping should be below 50

Ways to Improve Your Connection:

  • Close any background programs and websites running on your system, or other systems that may be connected to the internet network. You may want to run your task manager to see what else is running on your computer that could be closed.
  • If you do have other devices connected to the internet network, reduce this. If cell phones or other devices are connected, you can put them in airplane mode temporarily, or shut off wi-fi. Of course, this can be tricky if you're using a shared internet network or are signing in at work.
  • Use a hardwired connection to the internet, if possible.
  • If you must use wi-fi, move closer to the router and eliminate any obstacles such as walls or other obstructions between you and the router.
  • Use local servers and LANs, rather than a VPN that isn't local.
  • Restart your router and modem, particularly if they have not been restarted in some time.
  • Call your ISP and inform them of your ping and internet speeds. They may be able to identify an issue and provide a solution without requiring you to replace your router or upgrading your connection. Know the speeds that you're paying for with your internet package so that you can inform them if you're not receiving the expected service.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.