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This article reviews how to adjust the settings related to chat and broadcast alerts. To adjust the audio volume of a live stream,  please see this article here. To adjust audio alerts on scanners, please see this guide.

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Scroll down or click the links above to learn how to identify and adjust audio alerts for each type of alert.

Adjusting Placement and Volume of Alerts

You can easily adjust your alert volume by clicking Alert Volume from the left-hand menu (under Settings) and using the - and + indicators to decrease and increase the volume of the audio alerts you receive.

For additional personalization, click Profile from the left-hand menu and adjust your notification settings there. 

  • Closes after: This allows you to select how long it will take for visual alerts to disappear from your screen
  • Screen Position: where visual indicators will appear on your screen
  • Display Connection Errors: If toggled off, you will no longer have disconnect or connection errors displayed on your window
    • We do not suggest turning off this function unless you are certain there is no actual issue with your platform
    • Please use be sure your clock is synced (click here for instructions) which helps confirm if your connection is lagging behind.
  • Alert Volume: how loud the audio alert will be (same as the Alert Volume shortcut from the left-hand menu)

The different alert types come with extra customization, so read on below!

Announcements Audio Alert

Announcements might include important updates from the community or trade ideas from moderators.

Today's past announcements for the rooms you have open can be found by clicking the Announcements button on the left of your screen. A red "New" indicator will appear if there is a new announcement waiting for you.

If using the minimized toolbar, it will look like this:

While past announcements are always available to view after opening a chat room, you will only receive a real-time notification of announcements if the room is already open when the announcement is posted. So if you wish to receive real-time announcements, please first make sure the room is open on your chat room platform.

Once you open the announcements, you can determine which rooms to mute audio alerts for and which to keep on, as shown in the image below.

We highly recommend keeping announcement audio alerts turned on, at least for the Global Announcements, as they can be important.

Moderator Audio Alerts

Our moderators have the option to include an audio alert along with their comments, which you may or may not wish to receive.

To mute all moderator alerts within a certain room, click the bell symbol on the blue toolbar at the top of the room window. When audio alerts are on, the alert symbol will look like this:

When audio alerts are off, the alert symbol will look like this:

If you wish to mute audio alerts from a specific moderator rather than the entire room, you can do so either from the User List or from the chat feed directly. As shown in the images below, if you click on their comment, you will open a Profile window with their comment and profile picture. You can then click the bell icon next to their name to turn on or off audio notifications for that specific moderator.

To access this quickly from the User List, the image below shows how it would look to just mute an admin's audio alerts when they post in chat. You can do this for multiple moderators if you would like.

Broadcasting Alerts

An alert will signal when a new broadcast has started streaming. Members can turn on or off the audio alert when broadcasts start, and can also choose how long it will take for the visual alert to disappear from their screen:

Select Profile from the bottom of the left-hand menu. Under the Notification and Window settings section, you can then adjust:

  • 1. On-screen Persistence: if you would like the broadcast alerts to stick until you close them (helpful if you happen to be looking away from your screen when the broadcast starts)
  • 2. Audio Notification: if you want any audio notification when a broadcast is started.

Pink is highlight means the setting is selected as on, No highlight and displayed as gray is off.

Scanner Audio alerts:

Please see our guide here on setting up scanner audio alerts.

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