This article reviews how to adjust the settings related to chat and broadcast alerts. To adjust audio volume of a live stream, please see this article here. 

There are 3 types of alerts users might receive in the Warrior Trading chat room platform:

Scroll down or click the links above to learn how to identify and adjust audio alerts for each of the types of alerts.


We highly recommend keeping announcement audio alerts turned on, at least for the Global Announcements, as they can be important.

Announcements will only display (both via pop-up and the Announcement window) for rooms that you are currently viewing on your chatroom dashboard.

To view announcements for a particular room (ex: Small Cap Room), you'll need to have that room open. New announcements posted will pop up. Past announcements can be found if you click the announcements button which appears as a megaphone icon on the bottom left of your screen. This will be highlighted yellow if there is a new announcement waiting for you. 

Once you open the announcements, you can determine which rooms to mute audio alerts for and which to keep on, as shown in the image below.

Moderator Alerts

To mute alert sounds from the room (sent when moderators send important messages), click the bell symbol on the blue bar at the top of the room window.

When alerts are on, the alert symbol will look like this:

When alerts are off, the alert symbol will look like this:

To mute only some moderators, and not the whole room:

If you want to mute some moderators and not others you can do that either from the User List or from the chat feed directly. As shown in the images below, if you click on their comment, you will receive a pop up with their comment and profile picture. You can then click the bell icon next to their name to turn on or off audio notifications for that specific moderator.

To access this quickly from the User List, the image below shows how it would look to just mute Mike's audio alerts when he posts in chat. You can do this for multiple moderators if you would like.

Broadcasting Alerts

When a new broadcast is started in one of the live trading rooms, many traders prefer to receive an audio alert or to have the alert stick on their chat room dashboard in case they are looking away from that monitor when the broadcast starts. We therefore implemented the ability to turn on or off an audio alert when broadcasts start, and users can also choose how long it will take for the alert to disappear from the screen: 

  1. Go to the bottom left of your screen and click your Profile image. 
  2. Then click Profile to bring up your profile settings.
  3. On the right you should see the image below which will help you adjust how you see and hear the alerts when new broadcasts are started. You can also choose how long it will take for alerts to disappear from your screen, or if you would like the broadcast alerts to stick until you X them out.

See image below on how to adjust the volume for all alert sounds in the chatroom from your profile:

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.