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The Warrior Trading Scanners are real-time, pre-configured scanners designed by Ross Cameron and his team to help members make the leap from studying to trading by helping to find the right stocks to trade each morning.

Learn more about the scanners below, or click from the outline to skip to a section: 

About the Scanners

Our scanners are built into our live trading room platform with real-time market data. They are pre-configured to match Ross Cameron's personal settings, which means that members who prefer to have a 100% customizable scanner can still benefit from a subscription to a separate third-party scanning software of their choice.

Members in our chat rooms who use our screen share for trade ideas or who trade strategies taught in our Pro classes can benefit from these pre-configured settings. Our scanners allow members to:

  • View scanners as early as 4 AM EST
  • Continue viewing full scanner settings while our traders show charts or share a trading recap on screen share.
  • Customize audio alerts for the HOD Momo and Halt scanners
  • Sort scanners by traits such as float or volume
  • Find news using tickers that are linked directly to our quote pages 
  • Save on costs for news and scanners

Learn more about the scanners in Ross' video below!

How to Access the Scanners

System requirements for using the WT Scanners will match those for our chat room, which can be viewed here. In order to use the scanners, every member must sign market data agreements for the scanner platform specifically (signing them for the WT Sim will be separate). You can see how to sign scanner data agreements here.

To access the scanners after your signature has been processed, simply sign into the Warrior Trading live trading & chat room platform and click the button for scanners on the left-hand side of the platform. (For instructions on signing into the chat room, please go here.)

After clicking the Scanners button, you can then choose which scanner windows you'd like to open within your chat room dashboard.

The Scanners button on the left-hand menu should have a green dot, which indicates that there is live market data going to the scanners. If this ever turns red, it would indicate there is a market data issue with the scanners and that the scanners might not be up to date. Our team will be troubleshooting during these times so an announcement would likely be posted to the chat room.

Keep in mind that some scanner lists update every 30 seconds, and stop updating at certain times of the day, such as our Top Gapper scanners. The Top Gainer/Loser scanners continue to update throughout the day. Learn more from the Scanner List section below.

You can see if the scanner is offline or online from the top of the scanner, as shown in this example:

Scanner List

We are often developing new scanners for the community. Current scanners include:

Scanner Top Lists
These scanners update every 30 seconds.

  • Top Gappers: Top 100 of highest % gappers +/- compared to yesterday's close (These stop updating at 9:30 am ET)
    • Penny-Top Gappers: Filtered for penny stocks under $5.00
    • Ross' Top Gappers: Filtered for small caps and momentum
    • Large Cap: Filtered for large caps and momentum
    • Top Gappers: Minimal filtering, has a view of all three gap scanners above up to 100 of the top gappers
    • Large Cap Earnings with Gap: Stocks that have recently had earnings and have a gap in price from the previous day's close
  • Top Gainers/Losers: (These continue updating even after 9:30 am ET)
    • Top Gainers: Continually updates throughout the day for a list of stocks that have had the largest moves up for the day.
    • Low Float Top Gainers: Same as the Top Gainers scanner, except stocks are filtered for only low float.
    • Penny-Top Gainers: Continually updates throughout the day for a list of stocks that have had the largest moves up for the day, priced under $3.00
    • After Hours Top Gainers: A Top Gainers scanner for the hours of 4pm to 8pm EST
    • Top Losers: Continually updates throughout the day for a list of stocks that have had the largest moves down for the day

  • Continuation scanner: Stocks that have had large moves over the past few weeks
  • Top RSI Trend: Stocks that have the highest long-term RSI strength or weakness
  • Top Relative Volume: Stocks with the highest relative volume
  • Top Volume 5 Minutes: Stocks that have had the highest 5-minute volume

Alert Scanners

These scanners update every second and have an optional alert chime for each new scanner. Learn about audio alerts for scanners later on this page.

  • Small-Cap - High of Day Momentum (also known as HOD Momo): Scans for New HOD price alerts on above-average momentum and certain criteria in the sub-scanners below
    • Low Float - Med Rel Vol 
    • Low Float - High Rel Vol
    • Low Float - High Rel Vol - Price $20+
    • Low Float - Former Momo Stock 
    • Low Float Volatility Hunter- HOD breakout
    • Medium Float - Med Rel Vol - Price $20+
    • Medium Float - High Rel Vol - Price $20+ 
    • Medium Float - High Rel Vol - Price under $20
    • Squeeze Alert - Up 10% in 10min 
    • Squeeze Alert - Up 5% in 5min 
    • Squeeze Alert - 52wk Breakout
  • Running Up Alert scanner: This scanner triggers at % price moves with our momentum criteria.  This can alert quicker than the HOD momo scanner since it does not need to wait for a new HOD price to be hit. Ross  likes to watch this during the news release hours (7am, 8 am, 9 am ET).
    One feature of the Running Up scanner is the ability to aggregate alerts into one section if multiple alerts are hit at once. You can see from the image above how alerts are shown over time. 

  • Reversal ScannerStocks that are coming back from a major turn in price
  • Large Cap - High of Day Momentum (also known as HOD Momo): Scans for New HOD price alerts on above-average momentum.
  • Halt Scanner: Displays current and past halted stocks for the day

Arranging Scanner Windows

Once you have chosen which scanners to add to your chat room window, you can position the scanner widgets the same way as the chat widgets. See the video here for a demonstration of adding, moving, and adjusting windows and how to save your layouts after you have set your widgets to a layout you'd like to preserve.

After you have added scanner windows, you may decide you'd like to put them elsewhere on your monitor or move them to another monitor. To do so, click the icon in the upper right-hand corner to pop it out to start a new window group. Save this as a new layout to pop out later as a group. Refer to the video linked above for information on saving layouts.

Please keep in mind that you are currently limited to 3 separate browser windows at one time, with as many widgets within the main window.

Adjusting Scanners & Understanding Columns & Colors

All scanners will have the columns listed below, sorted in a particular order to help traders identify stocks according to the scanner name. Not all scanners have the same columns, Here are a few to help get you acquainted with 

Click the links above for a definition of the terms. For more on how to read the scanners, see below and refer to the Warrior Pro classes.

The Volume Today, Float, and Gap (%) columns are colored in gradients, with the exact color determined by value, as demonstrated in the images below. The higher the Volume, for example, the darker the gradient. The bigger the float, the brighter the color. The bigger the gap percentage, the deeper the red or green, depending on the direction of the gap.

The HOD scanner also has a Strategy column. Each strategy has a different color. The list below shows the color for each strategy. For more on these strategies, please refer to Ross' Day Trading: Strategies & Scaling course (part of the Warrior Pro membership).

Setting Audio Alerts

Audio alerts are only available for the Halt and both Large Cap and Small Cap High of Day Momentum scanners. Click the play button below to hear what the alert sounds like, and follow the steps to turn on or off the alerts.

1. On the High of Day Momentum scanner, there is a bell icon at the top of the Strategy Name column on the right. To view audio alert choices for the scanner, click the bell.

2. A list will pop up where you can indicate which strategies to hear an audio alert for when a new stock fits that criteria. You can also select the first box to easily and quickly select all or unselect all audio alerts (see image below).

Want to set the same alerts that Ross has? He has alerts for all strategies except the Medium Float scanners.

3. After making your choices, you can click anywhere on the Strategy Name column again (or anywhere else on the screen to close the list of strategies), and you will now see that the bell is no longer crossed out. Showing that you have set an audio alert.

To adjust the volume of these alerts, use the "Alert Volume" button that appears on the left-hand menu. Keep in mind this changes the alert volume for all notifications in your chatroom. Learn more about adjusting chat room alerts on this page here.

If you cannot hear any audio alerts at all, please follow our full guide here to troubleshoot further for browser issues.

Reasons a Stock Might Not Appear on the HOD Momo Scanner

A High of Day Momentum Scanner may also be referred to as an "HOD Momo" Scanner. Ours are not traditional HOD scanners, as they do not alert each time stocks hit their high-of-day. A traditional HOD scanner operating in this way could possibly produce thousands of alerts within the first few minutes of the trading day, which would wash out more actionable trade ideas. 

Instead, our HOD Momo scanners not only have high-of-day criteria, but momentum criteria as well. These scanners In the  Scanner List section of this article , you can see the full list of different momentum scanners that are listed as subsets of our Small Cap HOD Momo scanner.

This design helps our HOD Momo scanners catch price moves with above-average volume and momentum.

Therefore, not all of the alerts on this scanner will be triggered at the exact HOD point. If a stock hitting the high-of-day does not appear on the HOD Momo scanner, it is likely because it has not hit our momentum threshold over a certain period of time yet; it might instead appear on the scanner within the next minute's close.

This also means that fewer alerts can be expected to trigger the HOD scanner outside of market-open hours (such as pre- and post-market) when trading volume is typically lower.

If you instead prefer to be alerted only with a new high of day, you might find it more beneficial to create a watchlist of stocks that already have made large moves or have above-average volume. You can create such a watchlist using scanners like our Top Gainers, Top Relative Volume - 5 min, or Continuation scanners. After creating the watchlist, monitor it to see if further opportunities line up with your strategy, such as the stock hitting a new high of day.


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