This article reviews how to adjust the audio settings related to chat alerts. To adjust audio settings of the live stream, please see this article here.

To mute alert sounds from the chat room (sent when moderators send messages), click the bell symbol on the blue bar at the top of the room window.

When alerts are on, the alert symbol will look like this:

When alerts are off, the alert symbol will look like this:

Mute only some Moderators, Not all:

If you want to mute some moderators and not others you can do that either from the User List or from the chatroom directly As shown in the images below so that the bell icon next to their names are pink- showing that you will not get an audio notification from them.

Here is how it would look directly from the chat:

To access this quickly from the User list please see the image below how it would look to just mute Mike from audio notification alerts When he Posts in chat. You can do this for multiple moderators if you would like.

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