Our services are no longer subscription-based. Members will have the opportunity to consciously make their next payment towards the end of each membership period.  Our Warrior Pro and Warrior Starter Programs have monthly renewal options at the price of just $197.

Canceling or Pausing Your Membership is Simple!

Step 1: Sign into your Member's Dashboard. If you are having trouble logging in to the Member's Dashboard, check out this article here

Step 2: Click the "My Orders & Memberships" link.

Step 3: You'll see 2 sections: one for your Membership history, and then a "Completed Sales" section where you can view all past payments. To manage your membership, click the "Manage" button next to the membership you'd like to adjust,

Step 4: Change status to "Cancelled" or "Paused." 

Pausing your membership will freeze your access and save the days remaining for later use. If you freeze your account, you will have to contact us to reactivate it for you. Ready to unpause? Click here.

Canceling the membership will allow you access to your membership contents until the expiration date, but will indicate that you do not wish to be contacted afterwards regarding payment options to continue the membership.

Step 5: Click "Save."

If you have questions regarding past payments, please contact us using the link below.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.