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All members should understand their memberships and subscriptions so that they can know what to expect when it comes to access and billing. This page should help to address most questions; however, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team for any additional clarity.

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What does canceling a membership do?

Canceling your membership will allow you access to your membership contents until the expiration date, will disable any autorenewal cycle, and indicate that you do not wish to be contacted regarding payment options to continue your membership afterwards. When a subscription is successfully cancelled, no automatic charges will occur for that membership.

Please remember that an un-expired membership is required in order to keep access to the content of that membership. 

When it comes to the class videos, members are encouraged to use the downloadable PDFs for personal use when a membership is not active. You can learn more about such downloadable resources here.

What does pausing a membership do?

Our membership pause feature is only available for older Warrior Pro and Warrior Starter memberships. You can identify if your membership has the ability to be paused because it will state so on your Control Panel (My Orders & Memberships page). The pause feature can only be used for extended absences.  Going on vacation? Taking a break from trading? Simply don't have time to study right now? You can pause your membership and come back later to pick up where you left off.

While your membership is paused, what time remains will be placed on hold. You can pause your own Starter or Pro membership at your convenience, following the steps below. If you need assistance, please let us know.

Please note that tool and simulator subscriptions are not available for pausing due to the nature of fees charged by the exchanges for live market data.

How to Cancel a Warrior Trading Membership

Step 1: Sign into your Member's Dashboard. If you are having trouble signing in to the Member's Dashboard, check out this article here

Step 2: Click the "My Orders & Memberships" link.

Step 3: You'll see 2 sections: one for your membership history, and a "Completed Sales" section for past payments. To manage your membership, click the "Manage" button next to the membership you'd like to adjust.

Step 4: Change status to "Cancelled."

Step 5: Click "Save." You should see that your membership status has changed to Cancelled.

Reactivate a Warrior Trading Membership

In the event you change your tools subscription, our system may place your older subscription on hold. This will allow you to use the new subscript ion and revert back to the older one in the future, if desired. Otherwise, our team is happy to convert the remaining time over to your new purchase.

We cannot schedule a future reactivation date, so you will have to contact us to reactivate it for you. Just contact us here to request any unpausing or account adjustment.

Are you ready to renew?

Active members can find renewal information on the "Renewal Information" page on the Member's Dashboard. Expired members can reinstate an expired membership using the renewal feature (learn about that here), or don't hesitate to reach out to us to inquire about renewal options.

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