Any purchase made directly by a member will be emailed to the billing email address on file within minutes after payment. The email subject title will be "Order Confirmation" with sender (please do not reply to that email address, and use for assistance).

Any recurring payments or renewals do not generate email receipts, but you can still find receipts on your member account (see details below).

Please note that we do not provide formal invoices for purchases. We are also unable to provide a receipt with our tax ID number.

Here are the steps to locate receipts for your purchases:

1. Sign into your Member's Dashboard at . If your account is active, you will be lead to your Member's Dashboard where you can click the "Orders & Subscriptions" link. (Note: the password to sign into your dashboard is typically the password that you chose when you created your account.)

If your account is no longer active, you'll be lead to an Access Denied page where you'll see a link to Check membership status which will allow you to view your account:

2. On your Member Control Panel, you'll be able to click the magnifying glass icon next to each order you have placed (under the "Completed Sales" section).

3. This will pull up your receipt from the order. You can save the webpage or print the receipt to PDF by simply right-clicking on the page and choosing "Save as" or "Print." You can also take a screenshot and save that image.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.