The WT Sim platform is based on the Sterling platform, but the layouts in the WT Sim are not compatible with live platforms such as Sterling Pro at CMEG or Lightspeed.

If you'd like to download our layouts for Sterling trader for use with Sterling platforms at brokers like CMEG or Lightspeed, please refer to these articles:(see layout file at bottom of this article): 

If you'd like to transfer your WT Sim hotkeys to a live Sterling platform, go to your simulator folder  C>Program files (x86)> Warrior > Warriortrading Sim and find the file called $StiHotKey.dat

You will then want to copy and move that file to replace the hotkey file to your Sterling destination on your computer: C > Program files (x86) > Sti > SterlingTraderPro . If you have CMEG you can use the CME folder instead of STI.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND testing the hotkeys on a test stock before using them live. We are not responsible for any malfunctioning hotkeys after transfer.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.