The Warrior Trading chat room is a proprietary platform, unique to our community. It was designed by traders for traders, built with input from our educators and our community members. To get the most out of the platform and all of its features, it is helpful to understand the icons used and what they mean.

Platform Buttons & Icons

Icon or SymbolNameMeaning / How to Use It
ScannersThe Warrior Trading Chat Rooms have proprietary scanners built into the platform. Click here to learn more about the Warrior Trading Scanners.
AnnouncementsThe Announcements tab or button is extremely important to our chat room as it is where our team and moderators will post important updates for the community. General announcements will be available to all users. Announcements for each individual room will only appear if you have that room open on your platform. Click here to learn more about the different rooms.
HelpThis button will expand to give you easy access to our help articles (like the one you're reading now!), our Support Room (also available from the Rooms list), and to submit a bug report ticket for the live trading room platform. Click here to learn how to submit a chat room bug report for technical issues.
ProfileThis button will expand to give you the option to edit your profile settings and to sign out of the chat room. Under profile settings, you'll see the options to:
User ListThe User List allows members to search for moderators or other members. You can filter this list by using the search bar to search for a user's name, or you can view your list of muted and followed users from here.
Files Under ReviewIf you upload a screenshot or file to the chat room, our moderators must review the file to determine whether or not it should be posted in the chat. After you upload a file, it can be found here while it is under review. Click here to learn how to send a screenshot in the chat room.
SurveysThe Warrior Trading Team may occasionally post a survey for chat room users to participate in. When a survey is posted, it will appear here.
Bell / Chat SoundsThis notification bell determines whether or not you will hear sound notifications for chat comments in that specific chat room feed. A crossed out bell means the sounds are off, while the blue bell means sounds are on.

Please note that this is different than notifications for announcements, which can be adjusted by following the steps listed here.
Screencast / Screen ShareThe screencast icon will be available in each chat room in one of the three states shown to the left:
  • Crossed out gray icon: no screencast is available.
  • Crossed out white icon: screencast is available but you do not have it open. You can click the icon to open screencast.
  • Blue icon: screencast for this room is open.

As an additional indicator of whether or not a screen share is available to view, please refer to the Broadcast icon below.

BroadcastThe broadcast icon indicates whether or not that specific chat room is streaming a screen share or broadcast of some sort.
  • gray icon = no broadcast is available
  • white tower with blue audio waves = broadcast is available
Please note that if a broadcast is available, it does not mean that audio is streaming and it may simply be a video with no audio. Please click here to learn more about when to expect a broadcast and audio.
Followed / Favorited UsersWhen the icon is pink, it means you are following the user or viewing your favorites / "followed" list.

Click here to learn more about "following" or favoriting another user's chat comments.

Muted / Hidden Users

When the icon is pink, it means you have hidden the user's comments from your chat feed, or are viewing your list of muted users.

Click here to learn more about muting users (hiding their comments).

View User ProfileAllows you to see a bit more information about fellow chat room users.
Report MessageAllows you to report another user's message if you feel it is inappropriate or a violation of Chat Room Rules. Click here to learn how and when to report a member. 

Click on this link here to learn how to further use the mute, filter, follow and report features of the chatroom.

Member Badges

You may notice in the chat rooms that members have pictures or icons next to their names, sort of like emojis. These are "badges." They help distinguish members based on their membership status and followers. You can see the key below to identify each badge and its meaning.

Member has an active Inner Circle membership. Please note: the Inner Circle program is closed at this time and not welcoming new members.
Member has an active Warrior Pro membership
Member has an active Warrior Starter membership
Member has Junior Moderator status and capabilities in the chat room (chosen by WT trading educators)
Member has Moderator status and capabilities in the chat room (chosen by WT trading educators)
Badge given to members of our Trader Psychology Team 
Badge given to members of the Warrior Trading Customer Support Team
Member has verified profits from $25k to $1M. Members can apply for a profitability badge here.

Results are NOT typical, are not indicative of future results or performance, and are not intended to be a representation, warranty or guarantee that similar results will be obtained by you. We do not follow up with all students regarding ongoing profits after initial verification. Therefore, these badges may no longer represent this student's current trading results. Please read our complete disclaimer here.
Member was an attendee at the Warrior Trading Inner Circle Conference in Miami in December 2019.
"Star Student" badge for Small Caps: Warrior Pro member has passed the exam at the end of Chapter 20 in the Small Cap Day Trading Course (Part 2) with a grade of at least 85%. This badge appears on chat room profiles within 24 hours of passing the test. It suggests that the member is familiar with the strategies taught in this course.

Please remember that the badges for Starter/Pro/Inner Circle members are currently based on their active membership status. This means that a member who had Warrior Starter and upgraded to Warrior Pro will have a Pro badge, but not Starter.

Badge Highlights (Colors Behind Badges)

You may notice that some members have their badge highlighted with green or orange. This signifies how long that member has been in the Warrior Trading community.

  • Green = member has been a part of the community for between 1 and 14 days
  • Orange = member has been a part of the community between 15 and 90 days
  • No highlight = member has been a part of the community for 91+ days

For example:

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.