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Note that the mentor sessions are accessible to Warrior Pro members only and that they can attend any and all mentoring sessions that they want to attend, regardless of their experience level. These are group sessions. We do not provide 1-on-1 mentoring, as we are not licensed financial advisors.

Access Live Warrior Pro Mentor Sessions Sessions & View Schedule

Before your first sign-in, please click here to watch the walk-through video of the platform so that you can be sure you're using a compatible browser (Chrome or Firefox) and that you are properly opening the screencast, etc.

Sign in at using an updated version of a compatible browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Having login issues? Click here.

From your Member's Dashboard, click the "Join or View Schedule" link. 

You'll notice that we have a Mentor Session Calendar available, where you can see the past and upcoming mentor sessions for the month. You can hover over a session for more details on it. For example:

To access the live classroom, just click the purple button "Join Live Mentor Session."

If you are already within the live trading platform, access the Mentor Room from the Rooms list. If you have many rooms already open, you may need to close another room first to access the Mentor Room.

How to get Questions answered in the mentor session rooms

Tip: when in the Mentor Room, if you have a question for the mentor, type Q: in front of your question and our system will highlight it!

Access the Recorded Mentor Sessions

For the recorded mentor sessions, please sign into your Warrior Pro education portal through the pink "View Courses" button in the Education section of your member dashboard.

Then, look for the "Mentor Session Recordings" learning path in your education portal. If you are having trouble logging in to the education portal, check out this article here

Once you enter the learning path, you can to enter the section for the trading psychology recordings (Mindful Monday and FOMO Friday sessions) or you may choose to enter the section for the sessions led by our traders.

Once you're in the part of the recordings you wish you be viewing, you can scroll through the lesson outline on the left or use the search bar above the lesson outline to search for a particular mentor, date, or topic. Click here to learn more about how to filter and search for a particular mentor session.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.