Please see the video below for a demo of how to use the Warrior Trading Live Trading & Chat platform and features.  You can enlarge the video by clicking the "expand" icon (4 arrows) on the far right of the control bar.

If you're not a member and are interested in learning more, read more here!

Demonstrated in the above video

00:00 - How to sign in (click here to learn more)

00:55 - How to see broadcast / screenshare / screencast with scanners (click here to learn more about how to see if screenshare is available, or click here to learn about adjusting audio on stream)

01:47 - How to pop out windows so that you can move them to another monitor or enlarge the screencast / screenshare (see screenshot below as well)

02:20 - How to turn alert sounds on or off (click here to learn more)

03:00 - How to search for other members, build a "follow" list, and filter your chat feed comments (click here to learn more)

04:20 - How to share a screenshot or file with the room

06:03 - How to open multiple rooms in the platform and arrange windows

08:20 - Using the announcements window (click here to learn more about announcements)

08:45 - How to submit a bug report (click here to learn more)

09:15 - How to update trading room profile picture (click here to learn more)

09:33 - About private messages ("PMs")

Additional Helpful Information

Still have questions? Submit a support request, and our Support Team would be happy to help!

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support Team, and we'd be happy to help.