This article reviews how to adjust the audio settings related to the live stream. To adjust audio settings on trader alerts in the chat rooms, please see this article here.

To adjust live stream audio in the live trading room, hover over the screenshare image and you'll see a volume bar appear. You can then adjust the lever on the volume bar to turn audio up or down. Clicking the speakerphone icon will mute or un-mute audio. See the images below.

When to expect audio in the live trading and chat rooms

Keep in mind when testing for audio issues that audio is not always streaming. Click here for more information on live trading room hours and when to expect audio in them.

You should also look for the signals that screenshare and/or audio are streaming in the rooms, as signalled by the "On Air" signal in the Large Cap room, or the web cam of Ross in the Small Cap room. 


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