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What is the News Room

The News Room is a feature of our chat room where members can find headline news on companies and events that might affect the markets, as well as other technical posts that might be of interest to traders. This might entail announcements when popular stocks have higher volume, are at a low/high of the day, or have high options trading activity, etc.

While news gets shared directly in the chat feed of our live trading rooms as well, the News Room allows our members to see today's posts from the News Desk all in one place and to easily scroll back to view previous posts.

An additional benefit of the News Room is the "squawk" streaming feature which provides audio news announcements. This allows members to listen to some of the news headlines throughout the day and can be particularly helpful for news updates while traders are actively trading or looking elsewhere on their monitors.

Squawk is a term used in the trading community for when someone is talking live about the news or reading off news headlines. This allows the traders to multi-task while listening to headlines.

Hours of Operation

News Room posts and squawk stream start at 7:00 am EST and end at 4:30 pm EST (depending on market activity).

Opening the Room

To open the News Room,  simply click on News Room from the left-side menu bar of your platform. If you cannot see the News Room on your monitor, scroll down to the Tools section on the left-side menu bar. 

To set the News Room as a separate browser window, click the pop-out icon in the upper right-hand corner of the News Room widget.

Color Linking

A helpful feature of our platform is the color-linking feature. Any posts with a pink highlighted $cashtag can be connected to other linked widgets.  

You can see our guide here for more information on how to use the color link function.

Setting Audio Alerts

Set the bell icon like in other rooms (click here for more information). If the bell icon in the News Room is grayed out, as shown below, you will not receive an audio alert when a new post is made.

Keep in mind that the audio alert from the News Room needs to be on to hear alerts when news is posted. You will not get an audio alert for News Desk posts from the other rooms if you only have the bell enabled for the trading rooms or if you have the News Room closed.

Opening the Squawk (News Audio) Live Stream

Members can see when the squawk is live by the Live icon in red highlight. If you see an Off Air indicator, squawk is not available at that time.

Keep in mind that the squawk will not have audio at every minute of the day. You should expect to hear it most near market open and market close, or when there is increased news and market activity. 

It is very possible not to hear audio from the squawk for over 30 minutes during mid-day/lunch hour, or other slow times.

To open the squawk, click on the red Live icon in your News Room widget, which should change it into a green Open icon. A new streaming widget will appear with a black window and volume slider, as the squawk is an audio-only stream with no visual.

We suggest popping out the streaming window and then minimizing it to help reduce screen space on your platform. To keep the streaming audio of the squawk online, you will have to make sure your News Room widget also stays open.

For more details on making sure how to view if a stream is online, please make sure to review how to troubleshoot streaming issues here and how to adjust live stream and audio settings here.

Morning Mash-Up PDF

The News Desk posts a "Morning Mash-Up" every morning around 8 am EST  in the newsfeed.

Topics this resource includes are:

  • A summary of important events for the day
  • Today's economic calendar for times data is released 
  • Highlighted top analyst upgrades, downgrades, and initiations 
  • Company press releases 
  • Top earning results after-hours yesterday
  • Top after-hours company/US/world headlines
  • FDA scheduled announcements for the week
  • Scheduled IPOs for the week
  • Insider purchases of over $100k
  • Syndicates (click here to see definition)
  • Top shareholder meetings
  • Top analyst/investor/calls
  • Top conferences
  • Expected fed rates and hike probabilities
  • List of current % on the day (at the time of posting) for indexes, futures, and commodities

Please see the PDF attached at the bottom of this page as an example of a Morning Mash-Up.

In addition to finding the Mash-Up via the News Room posts, you will also be able to find it via our announcements section under the News Room tab. 


Using the News Room for Trading

All stocks mentioned in the News Room should be looked at in conjunction with proper risk management. The news may suggest opportunities and catalysts for stocks to move. How to analyze news is discussed in our Warrior Pro classes.

Reminder: The news posted or mentioned in the News Room and squawk is not financial advice. See our full disclaimer here.

Here is one example where our News Desk posted vital information on a clinical trial update for a biotech stock. The stock did give a few opportunities for day trades.

If you want to see what other tools our moderators use for news or trading, you can see information on this page here.

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